Service and Repair

Keep your JRZ dampers working in top shape with our unmatched service facility. We inspect, clean to as new condition, replace all seals & fluid, and match every damper on the dyno. Custom valving and upgrades to the latest parts are always available.

Without question, JRZ suspension systems are engineered to operate without issue for years. However, driving conditions and driver habits can take an inevitable toll on the structure and functionality of the damper and other elements. When your ride is not as smooth as it once was, or the used Porsche you purchased could use a little TLC, a revalve or rebuild just might be called for.

As the North American service hub for JRZ Suspension systems, we keep your dampers in top working shape. Using industry-leading techniques, and state-of-the-art equipment and tools, we restore the optimal function of the dampers to ensure superior driveability and comfort.

Our full-service, five-star approach includes:

  • Expert-level, thorough inspection of all suspension parts
  • Replacement of all seals
  • Draining and refill of damper fluids
  • Detailed cleaning to “like-new” condition
  • Matching of every damper on the Dyno.

As official distributors of JRZ Suspension systems, we are also skilled in custom valving and suspension upgrades, giving you the most advanced parts available.
Restore the experience of driving on JRZ systems by scheduling your suspension service or upgrade today. We promise superior service with a smile.