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JRZ Suspension Shaft Upgrade (25mm)

JRZ Suspension Shaft Upgrade (25mm)


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– Stronger strut construction
Performance of modern racecars has improved over the years, due to tire, aero, brake and suspension development. This is causing higher side loads for McPherson strut type suspensions. The 25 mm shaft upgrade provides a stronger strut construction with less flex when loaded. This decreases friction and extends its life span.

– Increased response time
Due to the larger diameter shaft, the volume of oil displacement increases resulting in better damper response with small suspension movements. When using stiff springrates, which is the case on race cars, the amplitude of the damper is small with a high frequency. It is important the damper controls the movement of the suspension under these circumstances

– Lifting force
There is a correlation between the shaft diameter and the nitrogen gas pressure resulting in a lifting force the damper creates. The lifting force pushes the tire on the road surface causing the wheel to return quickly after hitting a bump. With the 25 mm shaft upgrade this force is increased, resulting in a better handling car with more grip

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