Personalized Creations

We specialize in customizing any vehicle from any era. Olsen Motorsports handles donor car selection, pre-purchase inspection, building, detailing, and testing and delivery. When you’re deciding on what features to customize for your high-end automobile you can get ideas from samples from our portfolio, receive some direction from a one-on-one consultation, or let your imagination run wild — your wish becomes reality.


Nothing screams luxury and performance like a truly customized, exotic sports car. From wheel well to exhaust pipe, you can upgrade and optimize every part of your vehicle, making it a one-of-a-kind creation that is worthy of any road or raceway.

Helping with every step of creating a personalized, custom performance vehicle, our technicians are recognized as masters in tailor-made automobiles. Your Olsen Motorsports team assists with donor car selection, pre-purchase inspections, building, detailing, and testing, giving you a vehicle you can be proud of. We outfit and modify any make, model, and year of vehicle, both foreign and domestic.

Why settle for typical and pedestrian when you can enjoy unbridled performance and luxury style on your terms? We can provide inspiration through our own personalized creations project portfolio, can start from scratch from the tires up, or you can bring your own ideas and we’ll make them a powerful and beautiful reality. Discover the possibilities by scheduling a personal project assessment with an Olsen Motorsports vehicle consultant today.