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Your Porsche or rare car requires regular care and attention to ensure that it is running at peak performance. Whether you are looking for an auto shop to maintain your Porsche or premium vehicle for everyday driving around town or need to get your luxury automobile ready for the track, Olsen Motorsports does it all. Our company provides outstanding services from a team of fully-trained and knowledgeable technicians specializing in Porsche and all aspects of vintage and modern luxury vehicles.

WE OFFER a wide range of SERVICES FOR Porsches AND luxury vehicles:

Porsche and Luxury Car Maintenance

Porsche’s engine, body, and internal systems are fine-tuned, capable of running smoothly, and looking incredible for thousands of miles. However, just like any other equipment, it needs regular maintenance and repairs.
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You have invested large amounts of money and time for a car that looks and runs so great. It will continue to be one of your most impressive investments by taking it to a Porsche auto shop that ensures it’s always performing at the max.

Dealerships, alongside their crippling prices, do not hold the same passion for keeping your Porsche running smoothly, and dealing with them is overwhelming. Olsen Motorsports provides various services at affordable prices by a team of experts in the industry, truly dedicated to delivering the absolute best results. Our company allows Porsche drivers and enthusiasts to know their car is being cared for with the appropriate and most advanced specialized equipment.

Outstanding Porsche Repair Services

Through its sleek design, classic curves, and technically advanced system, Porsche claims that a unique ride doesn’t just look amazing; it drives well too. However, while owners of standard vehicles may just take their auto to the nearest top-rated mechanic shop, these luxury vehicles require specialized attention to keep them in top condition.

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As a result, even the slightest problem puts your car at risk. Therefore, when you suspect that you need urgent repairs for your vehicle, contact our crew for immediate attention. The good news is that a negative fate is avoidable, but it can only be avoided by choosing a mechanic trained in all aspects of minor and extensive Porsche repair. From accurate diagnostics to regular Porsche part replacements, Porsche owners must find well-trained and professional auto technicians to prevent more serious issues from arising, ones that may lead to driven costs and more comprehensive attention. Olsen Motorsports specialists are experienced and conditioned in all aspects of Porsche repair, so your Porsche runs as well as looks long into the future.


At Olsen Motorsports, our entire team knows Porsches like the back of their hand with years of knowledge and training on their belts. Each of our technicians will perform general maintenance, including:

High-End Automobile Maintenance

Contact Olsen Motorsports for All Your Luxury Auto Maintenance Needs

With years of experience and knowledge maintaining and repairing all years and makes of luxury vehicles. Owners feel completely confident leaving their prized possession(s) in the hands of our specialists every time they require general maintenance. Our company will diagnose underlying issues and immediately fix them, ensuring that your vehicle stays on the road and the track, performing better than ever. Don’t trust any auto shop; schedule a servicewith the Porsche experts at Olsen Motorsports today. Check us out on facebook – Olsenmotorsports 

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