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Better Stability Means Better Control

Better Stability Means Better Control

Invest in a Motorsport-Grade Dampener For The Street

Here at Olsen Motorsports, we’re JRZ suspension experts.
We’re passionate about bringing a top-quality brand to the public so that automobile enthusiasts everywhere can have the superior and calculated control they seek when they’re handling their vehicle. JRZ-RS_50-50

When you’re behind the wheel of your car, and you’re gripping that hand-stitched leather steering wheel, you expect a certain level of quality. You expect each twist and flex of your grip to be mirrored exactly in the car’s reaction. You expect precision. When you don’t feel that connection from your will to your car, you get discouraged. Stepping into the driver’s seat starts to lose its meaning. But it doesn’t have to.

Your car is an extension of you, both literally and figuratively, and if it’s lagging in its response time as you swing around tight curves on mountain roads, or shift into high gear when you’re on the highway late at night, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Reclaim that connection.
Upgrade your suspension to the motorsport-grade quality of the JRZ produce.

The RS Line from JRZ is made for the people who enjoy their car in different ways. How you modify your car is strictly based on your preference. So, if you’re looking for a better street handling performance from your car, the RS Line offers superior dampening control. You’ll be able to toggle the specific level of customization that you desire to hone your vehicle to be exactly what you always dreamt it could be. The JRZ RS Line easily sets itself apart as the only aftermarket suspension system that actually improves and changes how a vehicle handles. 

That’s not just a testimony to the brand. It’s a testimony to the future of custom vehicle upgrades.

The Difference

You’ll be able to find other suspension systems targeted at aftermarket consumers. They’ll be clad in fancy, expensive feeling packaging that conceals how inexpensively made the system actually is. JRZ doesn’t provide a dog and pony show when you buy their products, they just provide results instead.

An RS Line suspension performs by ensuring maximum control over the vehicle’s movements. That means, whatever the terrain, the added high and premium grade of your coilovers will work to make the vehicle more responsive and less affected by the exterior factors that might change how it rides. These high-quality components work together to ensure that there’s a limited amount of vibration and change that reaches the chassis of the vehicle. This serves to prevent your tires from losing traction, ensures they have maximum grip on any surface you’re on and produces that predictable connection between you and your vehicle. In short, you’ll have flexible fluid feeling suspension that keeps the body of the car level but does not decrease the control the driver has over how the vehicle moves and adjusts to terrain.

There’s one main reason this is accomplished in the RS Line over other lines: they’re built to the same standards as the JRZ motorsport product. In fact, on the day-to-day, they share the same production line.

The RS Line is built with the same attention to detail as their higher quality counterpart, and that’s apparent to anyone as soon as they set eyes on the suspension system.

Benefits of RS Line:

It’s one thing to say the quality of a product is visible, it’s another thing to explain why it’s so evident. 

  • The entire suspension system is anodized, so there’s no surface prone to corrosion.
  • Heavily reviewed by skilled engineers to ensure consistent quality. 
  • Made by hand and each system is personally signed off on by the crafter. 
  • Features a unique compression blow off system. This addresses high-velocity terrain issues.
  • Easy to re-build. 
  • Remarkable longevity. 
  • Struts are made from high tensile steel so they can handle load transfers easily. 
  • High-corrosion resistance coating is applied to all struts.
  • Precise damper adjustments make for noticeable fluctuations and heightened control levels.

Access Exhilarating Custom Control

Learn About The JRZ Suspension

Top AT Pro-Line Features


RS One

This model features adjustable dampening, 21 clicks, spherical bearings, an adjustable ride height and valved control for more chassis and performance customization. The RS One fits all aftermarket top mounts so there’s no vehicle it won’t fit on. You’ll notice every change and enjoy the longevity between tune-ups with this model.


RS Two

The RS Two is double adjustable. It features a 14 click strut application, adjustable ride heights, spherical bearings, rebound dampening 21 clicks, customizable compression damping, and more. It fits all aftermarket top mounts and has 9 click damper applications.


RS Pro

The RS Pro is a marked step above. It’s double adjustable with an external reservoir. You’ll find adjustable compression damping at 14 clicks and adjustable rebound damping at 21 clicks. The ride height is totally adjustable, there’s the familiar spherical bearings, it fits aftermarket top mounts and prominently features gas pressure adjustments for nitrogen. You can invest in optional low friction coatings, quick disconnects, FA 3030 pistons, and 50 DA shafts on this model.


RS Pro 3

The RS Pro 3 is the premium model in the RS Line. You can select from a variety of optional features including low friction coatings, quick disconnects, FA 3030 pistons, and 50 DA shafts. It fits all aftermarket top mounts, has ride height adjustments, spherical bearings, and is triple adjustable with an external reservoir. You’ll be able to adjust high-speed compression damping at 14 clicks, low speed compression damping at 8 clicks, and rebound damping at 21 clicks.

Shop For Your 4×4 Suspension System At Olsen Motersports

The RS Line offers average drivers and car enthusiasts a chance to make their vehicle perform markedly better. Whatever model of the RS Line you choose, you’ll be served well. You’ll find that your expectations aren’t just met. They’re exceeded.

Start exploring suspension system options for your vehicle and how we can help you improve the handling, precision and control of your vehicle. Reach out to us if you’re looking for more insight on the products and how to choose the perfect suspension system for your vehicle.

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