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JRZ Pro Line

Invest in Motorsport-Grade Suspension for your 4X4

At Olsen Motorsports, we’re passionate about helping people get the best performance from their vehicles. We know better than anyone just how exhilarating it can feel when you’re at the wheel of a powerful automobile, and it’s responding to your every whim.

Ready to see just what the AT Pro-Line can do for how your vehicle handles all kinds of terrain?

The AT Pro-Line is more advanced than any other suspension system from JRZ, as it was designed and built for heavy-duty, hardworking vehicles. It’s not built for precision; it’s built for brute force, and the AT Pro-Line will mirror that power while enhancing the handling of your vehicle. The focus is to control the movements of “unsprung mass” so you can have a better driving experience every time you step behind the wheel.

A high-quality AT Pro-Line suspension system makes it so you won’t need a hydraulic bump stop because everything in your suspension system already has the rest of that handled. This unique damping philosophy makes JRZ suspension products much better than the competition. But it’s also why they can be used on heavier vehicles with a different center of gravity than the average race car.

Benefits of AT Pro-Line

Elevate Your 4x4 Vehicle Driving Experience

Thanks to the large fluid displacement in the 22mm diameter piston rod and the lifting force of the damper, the unsprung mass is precisely controlled. In addition, compression damping with an adjustable valving system paired with a high-flow return valve allows quick refilling and a consistently smooth ride. Primarily, these aspects will result in more than just better handling on the vehicle; they’ll result in less stress on your tires, a higher comfort level for all in the car, more longevity for your shock absorbers, more traction, and better overall stability.
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Because heavy-duty vehicles are often used in extreme situations, this suspension system is made to be in its element when under pressure. Initially crafted for armored cars, severe terrain, high speeds, and increased vehicle weights are easily controlled with this behemoth of a suspension system.
The gas pressure in this suspension system is utilized to create the lifting force. The lifting force is created by nitrogen pressure which translates to around 76 kg of lifting power per corner. This works without adding any spring rate to the system, making that smooth, åefficiently handled ride associated with the JRZ name.

Shop For Your 4x4 Suspension System At Olsen Motorsports

Are you ready to invest in how well you can handle and maneuver your vehicle? Then, invest in a suspension system that works just as hard as your truck with the AT Pro-Line from JRZ. Curious about other features or how easy it is to install? Reach out to us today to learn more about our products and if the AT Pro-Line is right for you.

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