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Performance-Driven Car Upgrades For Your Exotic & Luxury Vehicles

Vehicle Enhancement

Olsen Motorsports Upgrades Your Car For Optimal Performance, Comfort, and Appearance!

Part of the fun of owning an exotic or luxury vehicle is the chance to have it suped-up just the way you want, pushing the very boundaries of its performance. At Olsen Motorsports, we’ve helped car enthusiasts all over the Chicago area push their exotic cars right up to the legal limits, backed by more than two decades of experience. Our expert team is made up of the most sought-after technicians in the area, all passionate and knowledgeable about enhancing your luxury vehicle for performance, comfort, and appearance. Contact us to learn more about our vehicle enhancement service and schedule your consultation today!

What You Get With Olsen Motorsports

helps you to find your superior automotive service

Our Premium Auto Shop Services


Our collection management services offer everything from general maintenance to custom upgrades


Choose exceptional and work with the expert team at Olsen Motorsports to transform your run-of-the-mill exotic car into something completely unique to you.


Our expert team is made up of the most sought-after technicians in the area, all passionate and knowledgeable about enhancing your luxury vehicle for performance


Luxury and exotic vehicles – especially sports cars – require a deep level of experience and knowledge to work on compared to your everyday commuter. 


A classic car restoration deserves an appreciation of what makes the vehicle an icon. You need a deep understanding of the car’s history and tradition. 

A Custom Auto Shop For Luxury & Exotic Vehicles

Driven by a passion for exceptional automotive performance and the love of luxury and exotic vehicles, Olsen Motorsports goes the extra mile in everything we do.

We believe our customers and their luxury vehicles deserve nothing but the very best. Our team delivers superior service and workmanship on every car, a commitment that remains unchallenged in Chicago.

Our team includes the most sought-after technicians in the region, allowing us to use decades of experience working on exotic and luxury vehicles for unbridled performance. We are skilled in custom fabrication, performance upgrades, and white-glove service. This is what sets Olsen Motorsports above the rest.

Learn more about our custom auto shop and discover the difference of Olsen Motorsports for yourself by scheduling your next service appointment today!

Style Personified. Performance Optimized

At Olsen Motorsports, we understand the desire for taking what is already beautiful and powerful and amplifying it. We’ve helped thousands of car enthusiasts stylize their exotic sports and luxury cars with high-end vehicle enhancements, giving each driver the pride and thrill that only comes from driving a truly one-of-kind automobile.

Effortlessly reflect your personality with the enhancement of your luxury automobile at Olsen Motorsports. You’ll choose the modifications that suit your style and needs and then we’ll take it from there. Your car simply reappears in your garage — upgraded and optimized

From turbochargers to sports seats, the vehicle enhancements you choose allow you to enjoy the performance, comfort, and appearance of your car in the way you’ve always desired. 

Keeping it just this side of legal, we push the boundaries on speed, handling, and functionality while adding head-turning style and flair.

Backed by more than two decades of experience, our approach to automotive upgrades and enhancements is designed to ensure a superior experience. We choose to install only high-end brands that have a proven track record of product excellence (you may have heard of JRZ).

Our technicians are all certified in automotive repair and maintenance and their commitment to superior results reflects that of our long-standing vow to unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Have an idea for upgrading or enhancing your premium automobile? Curious about the possibilities? Schedule a consultation with an Olsen Motorsports professional now!

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Let Olsen Motorsports help you push your exotic or luxury vehicle to the legal limits of performance with our vehicle enhancement service. We work with you to amplify your car’s abilities in performance, comfort, and appearance the way you’ve always desired! Contact us today to learn more about vehicle enhancements and schedule your consultation.

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