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Why Your Porsche Deserves a JRZ Suspension

We get it, you’re not a race car driver. It would seem, then, perhaps a bit silly to put a racing suspension in your Porsche. After all, you’re not tearing up the track in your car. You just like to take nice long — and fast — drives in your incredible automobile. A racing suspension seems, one would think, a bit much. A little unnecessary. A little crazy.

Or is it?

One wonderful aspect of these extraordinary cars is how close they bring you to the race car driving experience. You don’t buy a Porsche to pick up the kids from school or run errands around town. (You might end up using it for that after all, but that’s another blog post altogether.) You buy a Porsche for the joy of really driving, those long weekend winding rides out in the countryside, mountains or near the ocean, your favorite roads, twists and turns, your absolute happy place. While you may have to do a lot of idling and puttering about during working hours, after hours is when your Porsche really shines.

JRZ Suspension & Damper Design

It stands to reason, then, that replacing your suspension with a JRZ kit to amplify your driving experience isn’t actually such a crazy idea after all. Crafting a better driving experience and making it more accessible for more drivers has been part of the JRZ experience since their beginnings in 1994. Their design philosophy is, as they put it, “completely different from other damper manufacturers”. Considering that JRZ is the most sought-after suspension and damper design for racing vehicles, they clearly set the standard extremely high.

So what exactly does a JRZ suspension bring to your Porsche? You can look forward to:

  • Improved handling
  • Better comfort level
  • Increased traction
  • Better stability of the vehicle body
  • Longer life of the damper
  • Reduced wear on tires

Clearly, all of these are excellent reasons to install a JRZ suspension in your Porsche. Quite simply, it just makes for a much better driving experience.

Olsen Motorsports: Your JRZ Installation Pros

Installing a racing-level suspension into a premium driving machine such as a 911 Custom or a 996 GT3 isn’t exactly the kind of project you want to take on by yourself, however. (Unless you’re certified by JRZ and Porsche to do so. In that case, by all means, have at it!) Here at Olsen Motorsports, we’ve got your JRZ installation needs covered. We’re all car guys — we own, restore, rebuild, recondition, and retool high-end sports cars. It’s in our blood. Beyond that, we’re one of only a few installation shops who can boast official distribution of JRZ Engineering products. 

We live and breathe JRZ and Porsche restoration. Our in-house fabrication specialists can help ensure any machining that needs to be done to give you a fully functional suspension upgrade to your Porsche. We love challenges, invite opportunities for innovation and are dialed into all things fast and beautiful. 

We know you’ll love our work. Contact us today to find out more about how we can use JRZ Engineering to give you an even better drive.

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