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Unboxing the New JRZ All-Terrain Suspension

JRZ AT suspension shock installed in front of Ford Raptor truck

Rebound Adjustment

We’re super-pumped here at Olsen Motorsports to install the brand-new JRZ All-Terrain Suspension System on our Ford Raptor. As we all know, the unboxing is an incredibly important part so we wanted to make sure we got to go through that with you! Here we go!

One of the first things that jumped out at us right away is the adjustment. 16 clicks of compression and 24 clicks of rebound. This is a wide range of adjustment capacity that can be used for an amazing ride on the street and on the trails. It really speaks to the level of dedication and commitment to an all-around great driving experience we’ve come to know and love from JRZ.




These shocks are designed to be extremely accessible. The design of the shock makes it incredibly easy to reach into the wheel well on your Raptor and make adjustments. Since we want to go four-wheeling when we want to go four-wheeling  — not assess and make adjustments to our shocks — we think this is a phenomenal design move. This is sure to be appreciated not only by mechanics who install suspension systems but by people who love to go out and drive trucks around.


Price Point

We think that $5,350 for a set is a pretty great price point for a set of shocks like these. A set of bypass shocks that are this sophisticated generally run up to around $8,000 or more. For the performance that you get from these shocks it’s a surprisingly low price. 


Considering that JRZ has made a name for itself in the sportscar suspension industry and their suspension systems are the go-to for performance driving, they may have been able to command a much higher price out of the gate. This surprised us in the best possible way!


No Stock Parts Here


It’s important to note that all of these shocks are completely custom. They are all made to order and there are no stock parts for these systems. JRZ continues its commitment to quality and only the finest approach to crafting suspensions, which is what we’ve come to expect from them over the years. We like to think that JRZ Suspension and Olsen Motorsports have made a fine pair and we look forward to many more years of work together. 

Comparison: Bypass to JRZ Shock


A bypass shock is probably the most comparable to the JRZ suspension on the road today; they are however quite different approaches to suspension. What we have found with the new All-Terrain JRZ Suspension system is that its performance is considerably better than the bypass shocks on the market today. The shock itself lends to a more linear movement that doesn’t allow the truck to pitch — it keeps it vertical instead of letting it move around when negotiating rocks, boulders, and other four-wheel challenges. 


Additionally, the damper is crisp and highly responsive. Overall we’d say that the JRZ suspension system is the best for both daily driving AND recreational four-wheeling. The way that the suspension system is designed simply allows for the best, most effective handling. We’re thrilled about this new suspension and we hope you are too. Contact us today to get your truck in here for its new shocks!

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