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JRZ AT Pro Suspension: DIY Install Guide and More

cutaway view into wheel well of installed JRZ AT suspension shock on Ford Raptor, installation by Olsen Motorsports

At Olsen Motorsports, we’re dedicated to bringing you only the best in the installation of JRZ suspension systems. Recently, JRZ released their All Terrain Pro suspension system and we couldn’t be happier with it. From its streamlined look to its incomparable performance, JRZ ticks all the boxes to bring an all terrain suspension onboard that levels the playing field.

We Like To Tinker

In case you haven’t noticed, we kind of like tinkering around on cars. You might even say it’s our lifeblood. Do we live and breathe oil and exhaust? Probably. We do spend an incredible amount of time working on vehicles, and we’re happy to do it. This is how we’ve become the go-to experts in the greater Chicago area for JRZ suspension installation. Whether you’re in Downer’s Grove or in the city, we are North America’s service hub and installation professionals for JRZ suspension systems. We want to get you driving on only the best shocks, every time.

We do know that a number of our customers are into working on their own cars, and we think that’s pretty cool. To that end, we’ve put together a video that explains the installation of the new JRZ AT shocks from beginning to end, starting with removing the shocks from our favorite Ford Generation 2 Raptor and installing the JRZ suspension. Keith explains each and every step along the way. (You might even catch a couple of bad jokes here and there.)

YT video here:


We’ve been installing JRZ suspension systems in sports cars for quite some time now. We think we can probably navigate the underside of the front end of some Porsches and BMWs in our sleep. Not that we don’t absolutely love it! The AT Pro suspension systems from JRZ have been a lot of fun to work with in the shop, though, and their performance is incredibly strong. JRZ suspension systems make navigating rugged terrain almost too easy. 

JRZ AT Pro Suspension Systems include a bevy of performance features and benefits, such as:

  • Straight bolt-in
  • No hopping
  • Leveling and up to 2 inch lift
  • Improved handling on and off road
  • Better comfort level
  • Better stability of vehicle body
  • Fine yet noticeable change per click
  • 14 clicks compression
  • 21 clicks rebound
  • High volume canister
  • Adjustable gas pressure
  • Heavy Duty bearings
  • Fully rebuildable

While these shocks are truly extraordinary out in the wilderness, they also make for some mighty fine suspension work in the real world, too. These suspension systems can be installed on any truck or SUV for much finer handling and more enjoyable driving. 

JRZ is new to the all terrain club, but by leveraging 50+ years of experience building performance suspension systems for some of the finest cars on the planet they have created a magnificent AT suspension system. They have basically taken the performance shock and retrofitted it for a truck. This includes their innovative, signature approach to damping forces for a completely unique, and unbelievably sound, experience. 

Your Experience

We can talk about JRZ all day. In the meantime, check out the video if you want to try to DIY the install. We’re always here to help if the process stalls out along the way. At Olsen Motorsports we probably do live and breathe oil and exhaust. That’s okay. Our expertise translates to your finest driving experience. Contact us today!

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