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Olsen Motorsports has become known worldwide for restoring and servicing air-cooled and water-cooled Porsches, as well as other exotic and rare cars. The passion for these special cars that each specialist on our team boasts is unmatched.  Our clients feel at ease leaving their most prized possessions under our care. To ensure that each of your needs is completely taken care of, we provide a wide range of services alongside personalized attention. Backed by decades in the industry, our experts are skilled in a wide range of rare, exotic, and luxury makes and models, specializing in Porsche service and restoration.


Superior automobiles require superior attention, services, repairs, and care. Our skilled staff have unparalleled experience handling every aspect of Porsche restoration and service. We use the most advanced tools and techniques to ensure that each client's need is met and their driving experience is significantly enhanced.

Discover Your Automobiles Full Potential with
Olsen Motorsports

Whether you own one, two, or boast a complete collection of the world’s most sought-after, luxurious vehicles, they need constant attention. Each specialist at Olsen Motorsports shares a passion for these special cars and has a drive for excellence that is unlike any other.

Allow our team to enhance your vehicle’s potential today, ensuring that your driving experience, whether out on the open road or the track, is significantly improved, allowing you to be exhilarated every time you get behind the wheel.


JRZ Suspension

Supplying our clients with the best, most dependable products on the market is illustrated by our large selection of JRZ Suspension parts and systems.

JRZ delivers both heavy-duty vehicle drivers, as well as professional racers with the competitive and daring edge that they need, ensuring comfort, easy handling, and an impressive lifespan.

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What You Need to Know as a Collector of Exotic Cars

What You Need to Know as a Collector of Exotic Cars

Owning an exotic automobile is something many enthusiasts dream of. However, there is so much to consider before pulling out your checkbook. Ensuring you are ready to take on all the responsibilities of owning an exotic vehicle is essential. Therefore, do you know all you need to know about being a collector of exotic cars?

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cutaway view into wheel well of installed JRZ AT suspension shock on Ford Raptor, installation by Olsen Motorsports

JRZ AT Pro Suspension: DIY Install Guide and More

At Olsen Motorsports, we’re dedicated to bringing you only the best in the installation of JRZ suspension systems. Recently, JRZ released their All Terrain Pro suspension system and we couldn’t be happier with it. From its streamlined look to its incomparable performance, JRZ ticks all the boxes to bring an all terrain suspension onboard that

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JRZ AT suspension shock installed in front of Ford Raptor truck

Unboxing the New JRZ All-Terrain Suspension

Rebound Adjustment We’re super-pumped here at Olsen Motorsports to install the brand-new JRZ All-Terrain Suspension System on our Ford Raptor. As we all know, the unboxing is an incredibly important part so we wanted to make sure we got to go through that with you! Here we go! One of the first things that jumped

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Why Your Porsche Deserves a JRZ Suspension

We get it, you’re not a race car driver. It would seem, then, perhaps a bit silly to put a racing suspension in your Porsche. After all, you’re not tearing up the track in your car. You just like to take nice long — and fast — drives in your incredible automobile. A racing suspension

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